Isidor and co are on CD now.
You can watch Isidor and his friends in wilderness

Windchime Witch
The catalogue is saved in Acrobat Reader
(at the moment avaiable only in german language)

please send me 2 stamps value € 2,50 each (Europe)
other countries 2 stamps € 3,-- each
and the crazy gang flutters in your home.

on subsequent of purchase € 2,50 (€ 3,--) will be credit on buying price.
Here you can see an abstract of the catalogue.
The catalogue has 73 pages and also contains quotation of prices and interesting
informations about the objects.
e.g.: specification of size, colour etc.

A small present from my workshop comes with the CD.

tierische töpfe
german text

and of course every month
a new Isidor of the month!