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Dear friends of Isidor

Isidor has moved.
He found a new nest in an old carpenter´s workshop

Postal Adress:
Ursula Roth
Lessingstr. 12b
93049 Regensburg
Mobil: 0175 7177835

Adress of Workshop:
Spatzengässchen 1
93049 Regensburg

An this is the way to Isidor´s nest.
Now he lives in Spatzengässchen (sparrow-lane), unfortunately there is no raven-lane in Regensburg, but orderly he will share those place with all the sparrows living around.
If you want to visit Isidors place, first take a call.
It would be real pity when he is not in his nest und you find a locked door.

As Isidor is a modern raven, he is on CD now.
You can watch Isidor
and his friends in wilderness

more informations here

And now on one´s own account.
The Guestbook was out of order for a short time and is now reopened.
And now Isidor is wishfully waiting for your letter.
So don´t be mousy and send Isidor a letter.
So he will lock you in his heart.

Would you like to please a friend?
Do you need a "quick" present, but not the least inkling what?
So simply give away a voucher for a creature out of my clay-zoo.

This surely will be very well received

For more information please send me a mail

Here you can browse in
Isidors very personally album .

In these album you can find images about exhibitions and other interesting affairs.