Dear friends of ceramics,   Ursula Roth mit zwei Isidors
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Here I want to tell you a bit about myself and my work.

About 15 years ago I enrolled for a pottery course at the Volkshochschule Regensburg with the ceramist Dagmar Reinecke. Fascinated by the possibilities, this nature material clay offers, I began to deal more with this subject. By practising, asking, reading and experimenting I learned new techniques and methods.

Because I never learned to do pottery on a wheel (maybe I will do it when I have time), I confine on the so called building- and casting-ceramics.

At the building-ceramics, like the name already says, the receptacles are built up little by little with bars of clay. At the casting-ceramics liquid tone is filled in a plaster mould and poured off after a certain time. The result is a very thin-walled ceramic, which is advantageous for fine articles, e.g. a espresso cup.

Ceramic is fired at different temperatures, e.g. 850° C / 1562°F (first firing), 1050°C / 1922°F (Earthenware) and 1240°C / 2264°F (Stoneware).

My glazes for the using-ceramic are of course food-suited. Most of them are also suitable for the dishwasher, but I can’t guarantee for the microwave. The garden-ceramic always is weatherproof, but not all of them are not frost resistant. If you have questions about one or the other article, call me or send me an e-mail, I will give you further information with pleasure.

You will notice that there are a lot of painted articles on my website.

If you wish a special motive or design on your dishes, tell me about it, almost everything is possible.

This should be enough.

Have fun surfing through my website.

Ursula Roth